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Teachers express fears of being replaced by tablets in the new school curriculum

Posted on 11th Aug 2017 11:04:19 in education News and lifestyle

Teachers have expressed fears of being replaced by the equipping of schools with tablets to aid the learning processes.

The Jubilee government expected to issue 980,848 tablets to 21,729 schools countrywide. To date, only 18,069 primary schools have received the gadgets.

The tablets are part of the government’s flagship projects aimed to enhance teaching and learning. Dr Jwan, who launched the Digital Literacy Programme at St Joseph’s Busia Girls Primary School, said the national literacy would increase as teachers and learners use ICT skills to search for, analyse, integrate, manage and evaluate information.

He said, “The devices are not meant to replace a teacher but to compliment and make delivery of content more exciting and practical.”

Thomas Odhiambo the ICT Authority project manager said the programme focuses on the country’s long term vision of creating a knowledge based economy in line with the development plan. “The project is being implemented through a multi-stakeholder approach that involves different ministries and state corporations.”

KICD said it developed the education content uploaded on the tablets according to the syllabus requirements.

Dr Jwan added that the language of instruction in the tablets had been simplified for ease of understanding.

This is why teachers should not be worried anymore.