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Robbers break into Sacco’s strong room, fail to open safe

Posted on 5th Feb 2018 21:15:17 in

[Photo: Courtesy]

Robbers broke into Daima Sacco offices on Monday in Manyatta Town but failed to steal money.

The six-man gang was reportedly unable to open a safe containing money in the 3.30am incident on Monday.

Embu North OCPD Mark Wanjala said a watchman told them he was returning from the toilet when the robbers confronted him.

He said tied up his arms and legs and gagged his mouth.

“They entered the office through the roof. They broke into the doors the strong room but were unable to open the safe,” the watchman told the police.

"We are investigating the matter. We also want to find out if it was an inside job," Wanjala said noting the criminals took away CCTV cameras. See Also: How a phone I bought from a pal landed me 7 years in prison