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Church members defend priests accused of being gay

Posted on 7th Dec 2017 21:15:09 in

A section of Anglican Church of Kenya Mt Kenya West Diocese faithful have defended  three priests against accusations of homosexuality.

Michael Waithaka, a witness, told a court he had known Archdeacon John Gachau, pastors Paul Warui and James Maigua for many years and it was the first time allegations of sexual molestation were being raised against them.

The clerics have moved to court seeking compensation for defamation.

The priests also sought to be reinstated to their positions following suspension by the church standing committee.

“We were told the complaint against Gachau was that he was homosexual and the issue had been raised in the church tribunal.We were told he had engaged in gay activities,” Mr Waithaka told the court.

Waithaka said the letter implicating the priests was read to the congregation by the parish chairman, a Canon Ngunjiri in English, and later translated in Kikuyu language.

While testifying before Lady Justice Abigail Mshila yesterday, the faithful drawn from St Andrews ACK Church Kagongo Parish in Othaya, claimed Gachau was ex-communicated through a letter signed by Bishop John Kagunda. See Also: Where top government politicians pay Sh50, 000 for male hookers

The priests have accused Bishop Kagunda of maliciously and spitefully executing and authoring defamatory statements in church.

They say the claims were repeatedly published in national newspapers, knowing well his allegations were not true.

Monicah Njeri claimed the reputation of Gachau and his colleagues was tainted after being implicated in immoral activities.

Ms Njeri claimed some followers were not given copies of the letter after it was read out to them.